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How to Dress SENSUAL Everyday 🎀

You might think that wearing sensual lingerie accessories is something that you can only do on special occasions, only in your boudoir or when you're vacationing.  But the truth is, you have the power to wear sensual feminine intimates Every. Damn. Day. You decide your attitude, your outlook and your creative power, so take the risks and do something new with the Bodtyes Collection.  This ultra-feminine collection of lingerie accessories is perfect to wear to work, out on the town or simply when you want to feel feminine.  Explore accessorizing like never before, with this collection of devilish daring lingerie harnesses; designed to light up your look with sensual sweetness.  The Bodtyes Collection of lingerie harnesses is designed to never be boring, but to allow you the versatility and beauty that you can wear anytime you want to celebrate your femininity.  Here are a few lingerie harnesses and accessories to enjoy any day you want:

Lingerie Harness | The French Kiss Bodtye 

Kiss your torso with the sweetest of looks, in this luxurious feminine lingerie harness.  The French Kiss lingerie harness, features a creamy glass pearl strand and soft elastic straps, that hugs your waist and neck for an irresistibly soft bondage finish. 

 Lingerie Harness | Lady Bodtye

Be the freakin' lady that you are, with this flirty and fem harness; designed to give any look an added touch of beauty.  The Lady lingerie harness is designed with the discerning lady in mind, that demands style and versatility.  Take this intricately detailed lingerie harness with you everywhere you want to go and whatever you want to do!

 Lingerie Harness | Hickey Bodtye

Sometimes it's the simple things that have the biggest impact; and this lingerie harness does not disappoint!. Clean lines, satin tye...our work here is done.  Discover accessorizing like never before--designed to help you make and/or leave your mark.  Wear this soft, girly harness with your favorite shirt, under a blazer or with whatever your heart calls for. 

Happy afternoon, morning or evening delights.

Tara is the founder of tyesbytara.com, a lingerie lover and admirer of all things feminine.  She's also a total book geek, that is trying to master the subtle art of not giving a fuck. 

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