Game Of Homes--The Final Treason

Game Of Homes…The Final Treason

O yes, this is a play on Game of Thrones--The Final Season and the three powerful families. Please follow along, as I introduce you to these other three powerful families and the leaders of their homes.😉

The Kardashians :

Ruled by the mother/momager: Kris Jenner

Kris has 6 beautiful kids. 3 daughters: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and one son, Rob from her first marriage to the late Robert Kardashian. Kris has been married twice. She remarried and subsequently divorced, Bruce Jenner. Bruce is now known as Caitlyn. After almost 25 years of marriage, Bruce underwent successful Lorena Bobbit 'cut & throw away' surgery (he didn’t want to EVER find it again), and is now living as a woman. But as a man, they had 2 daughters: Kendall and Kylie.

Kris has single-handedly made every one of her off-spring millionaires. And just this week, Kylie is officially the youngest self-made billionaire in history. Moreover, she also passed along the gene to overwhelmingly have a fetish for black men. This family has probably done more for interracial marriage, than they realize and given credit for. I’m waiting on Rob to have more children and name them: Keisha or Kayvon Kardashian...just me?😘

(as a side note, Rob has a daughter by the same woman who had a baby with Kylie's old boyfriend...don't ask.)

The Smiths:

Ruled by: movie star Will Smith. Who’s married to, life partnering, just-don’t-do-no-shit-I-find-out-about, "I think Will is corny," till we die, Jada Pinkett Smith.

They have 2 kids together: Willow and Jaden. And Will has a son from his first marriage--Trey.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is your favorite aunt & uncle in Hollywood. Young enough to hang out with and still come to the family picnic and dance the same dances with ease. To boot, Jada probably looks better in a pair of cut-off shorts than any of her teen nieces. Furthermore, Will is a Grammy winning rapper, Mr. 4th of July box-office King and nowadays, Instagram King. Doling out cool ass videos and life advice. Jada is the lady in/at the red table these days.

The Woods:

Ruled by: Jordyn Woods

Jordyn is the young Princess that took over the family fame and fortune after her father died in 2017.

Jordyn’s father was a sound engineer on Will Smith’s hit T.V. show: Fresh Prince Of Bel-Aire. Jordyn refers to Will as her uncle (for she known him since she was 5 years of age)

Jordyn went to school in Calabasas and was best friends with Will’s son--Jaden Smith. And on Jaden’s recommendation, suggested that fellow classmate Kylie Jenner, reach out and invite Jordyn over to her house. They’ve been best friends ever since…well, that is until a certain 6’9 black man came into their lives.

Let The Home Games Begin

The 6’9 black man/professional basketball player mentioned above, is Tristan Thompson. For the sake of my secret rendezvous theme, will now be referred to as Tryst. Tryst starts dating Khloe Kardashian, at the same time his other baby mama is VERY pregnant (in her 3rd trimester). He breaks up with the preggars girlfriend and publicly starts romancing Khloe. They fall hard and Khloe gets pregnant. And right on cue (in her third trimester…they don’t call him 3rd Trimester Tristan for no reason), Tristan’s cheating is revealed, just days before Khloe goes into labor.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, Tryst and Jordyn (FYI, Jordyn currently lives with Kylie in her home), attend the same house party. Cue the alcohol and Jamie Foxx’s song: Blame It …legs are draped over 3 point shooting forearms, and a sloppy kiss between the two takes place.

(Go)Away Games

Now this is where it gets complicated. Khloe finds out and is obviously pissed and hurt. She ludicrously blames Jordyn for her family breaking up; and of course, since Kylie is Khloe’s lil sister and Jordyn’s bestie and roommate, she now has no choice but to choose blood over friendship. Thereby kicking Jordyn out her house and eponymous named products off

Good/Bad Refereeing?

Still with me? So now, Jordyn is feelin the social media heat and she decides to give her side of the story to Mrs. Smith aka: Jada and her Red Table Talk Show. Jordyn tearfully tells her side. Meanwhile, Mr. Smith chimes in via Skype and informs Heir Jordyn, that him and all the rest of his family, will always be the wind beneath her broken baby wings.

Final Shot

Khloe hops back on social media to clarify her statement and befittingly blames Tristan for breaking up their family. And it seems this time, that Khloe has given Ol Tri Tryst, his final shot to be the man she always wanted.


O gawd no! Pleeaassseee, for the luv of all in involved, do not send this player’s cheating tired ass “game” into overtime! Khloe, I’m begging you on behalf of all your 88.6m ig followers--do not go back to Trystian!

Game Over

To wrap all this up, all three of these families are forever intertwined. Khloe and Tryst have a baby. Kylie will probably grieve the loss of a childhood friend for years, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, will probably have to deal with some social shunnings from the Kardashian Klan. Because just this past Valentine’s day, Jada spent it with Kris and all the “K” gang at Kris’s house party.

I for one, wish all parties well…and If I know anything: everything happens for a reason. And people are in our lives sometimes only for a season.

Folks, winter has come and gone,



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