Mixed Emotions

Happy Soleful Sunday Ms. Heel,

Werrrree baaccckkk...did you miss us?

Well we missed you girls and boys. And we're super excited about today's topic:

EMOTIONS! Also known as: feelings.

Instead of: can you hear me now, it's, can you feel me now? Why yes we do Ms. Heel.

And you're a mix-tape of pulsating heartbeats and grinding on your nerves, techno grooves.

Somedays or even hours throughout the day, you're on a Beyonce, hair-blowin high and the next, the beat/emotions switch and then you're feeling like a breakup, love song playlist.

Well what if we told you, that what you're feeling is good old fashion fear. Yep, fear; our lil friend that seems to always be the background music of our lives. Never too loud; nope, like elevator or "on hold" music--drowning out the light and love that surrounds us.

Now this isn't the first time, we've discussed the trickery of fear (see older posts on how fear can and does manifest). But I recently had an epiphany on fear. Just when I thought I had beaten fear at it's own game, it found a way to trick me into despair--AGAIN!

And because I've gotten so good at detecting fear, it had to sneak through the back door, under the radar and around my defense mechanisms, to penetrate my awareness. It got me, by dulling the light on my dream and shining a jumbotron light on other secondary interests!


See if you can see yourself in my story: I finally figured out, well, stopped being scared of my lifelong dream and decided to go for it. After achieving a huge first step, a delay came and outta nowhere, I all of sudden, started to lose interest and commenced to moving on to several other projects with much more excitement--WTH?

That my dears, is classic fear!

ALWAYS distracting you, ALWAYS got you questioning your intentions/desires, ALWAYS whispering sweet bullshit nothings in your ear, and ALWAYS diverting attention away from your organic soul's purpose...uugghhh!

So how does one combat this sneaky lil sucker?

By changing our thoughts about it. By straight out stopping the fear and loathing, of fear! This time, it's us fooling fear. How? By breaking down fear into this acronym:

F= Feeling

E= Excited

A= Anxious

R= Ready

👀😲...O hell yeah--by changing our thoughts on exactly what fear means to us, we get to take charge and manage it from a different perspective.

Moreover, this acronym truly does express what fear actually feels like--a bag of mixed emotions. Think about the last time you got ready to take a big leap into the unknown...weren't most of these emotions swirling in your energy field? Maybe you experienced butterflies or goosebumps; then your hands started to tremble out of nervousness and yet, you knew deep down that this time, you were ready!

And just like that, we kicked some sweet lil fearful ass!

Inasmuch the next time any situation arises and you feel fearful, simply stop and break it down to feeling excited, anxious and ready for a better future. Not of what you could lose, but all that you could gain by making this decision. And remind yourself--that this is normal!!!

As they say: feel the fear and do it anyway!

Well, well, well...Mama just got a brand new mixed bag😉



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