May The Force Be With You...

Happy Soleful Sunday Ms. Heel,

Are you aware of the energy that surrounds you, guides you and protects you?

Did you know that you are a great ball of energy encased in your body?

Well if not, you should; so listen up. There's an invisible force that literally is your lifeline and I'm here today to re-introduce you all to one another.

Force meet You, You meet Force.

Since Force doesn't actually speak words, I'm here today to explain exactly what the Force can't say about itself.

Foremost, it will not force itself upon you!

The Force is just there with you at all times, whether you're aware or not. BUT, it will not force you to believe in it's power/abilities. In other words: FREE WILL FOLKS! You can go through your entire life and not acknowledge its presence. And that's truly sad. But if you get quiet long enough, the Force will reveal itself to you. Because it's been

Hiding In Plain Sight

The Force has been always been around. Some of our greatest artists, musicians, writers, and celebrities have been trying to tell us about the Force for years.

For instance, the movies such as: The Wizard of Oz, Avatar, The Lion King, Groundhogs Day, Forrest Gump, Space Jam, The Pursuit of Happiness, Inception (my son's fav), Frozen, Star Wars (duh, where I snatched the title of this blog from) and yes, even the 18,000 Rocky movies, all have in common one theme: they examine that invisible force that's always there to help you; but only when you're ready.

Take note: your world will start to change, when YOU change!

And when you believe in a force greater than yourself!


For the force in it's simplest form is LOVE❤❤❤

If you ever doubt the Force, the best way to judge is by asking yourself only one question: if I make this decision (from a work question to giving money to the homeless), is it coming from a place of love or fear? And for the record Ms. Heel, there are only two emotions in life: love and fear. Oh I can almost hear some of you all now, doubting my theory; but at my age, I've lived enough to know, that if you aren't coming from a place of love, the alternative is nothin but fear. A fearful life is an unhappy life. You may not even recognize that you're living in fear. Because

Fear manifests itself in sneaky & diabolical ways:

  • being highly critical

  • always ill

  • depression

  • procrastination

  • one night stands (I don't have an exact number of what's too many--but you know)

  • excessive sarcasm

  • addiction to plastic surgery

  • church addict-aka: Jesus Freak (O Yes! Always in church, but mean and nasty as ever)

  • too much television watching and internet scrolling

  • back pain

  • obesity

  • anorexia/bulimia

  • acne

  • insomnia

  • too much sleeping

  • stomach issues

  • addictions (food, drugs, alcohol and even shopping)

  • relationship issues (constantly in a relationship or getting married or if single, a high turn-over rate)

  • lack a sense of humor (Yes, you, who's always cranky)

  • busyness

  • boredom

I believe that when one conquers whatever fear that's kickin your arse, by relying on the Force (love), one's life will slowly start to emerge into something much more beautiful and fulfilling. And sometimes following your heart--that love, will feel scary af! But just remember: if it comes from a place of love, YOU WILL NEVER GO WRONG! Even if it doesn't turn out in a way you expected. The future will reveal, that it is was exactly what you needed to experience.

And just like Glenda the good witch, from the Wizard of Oz said, "You've always had the power my dear." Go ahead Ms. Heel, click those heels and go back yourself.

It's time to begin starring in your own life...may the force of good be with you,



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