Male Bag Letter #3: Preying For A Man!

Happy Humpday Ms. Heel,

Be careful what you pray for...

OMG, I so wish I could be writing this to you in my normal tongue-in-cheek, playful manner, but I can't. My message is a serious as the IRS on April 17th.

What has me so pissed off today?

The dark antics and ugly by-product of the Superbowl...yep, the damn Superbowl. I cannot believe this crap is actually happening, but it is. What's this BS I speak of:

Child Sex Trafficking!

Folks, there are grown ass men out here, paying money to have sex with children. Wait, let me be very clear. They're paying to have sex with babies! Yes, babies--as young as 3 months (one case that we know of)!

The FBI reported, that their sting operation busted over 169 people involved in some arena of sex-trafficking in Atlanta, during Superbowl last week. The stats on child sex are staggering. It's the reason for the uptick (especially here in Atlanta), of young girls and boys going missing/being abducted. Addiction is playing a role as well. Women on drugs, are pimping out their kids to get drug money and the FBI says, that on the "Dark Web," they search for sex with babies, under the guise of looking to buy puppies. The younger the child/baby, the higher the price. Who's the sick puppy now?

This makes me so sad.😢

In other sicko mode news...

Even the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, formed a sting titled: Interception (go figure with the football reference) and arrested over 21 local men. Ages 20-55. To all my single girls, this is why I'm always stressing to you, to not rush into a relationship. You MUST get to know the character (flaws and all), before you start engaging in relations with him. I know you've been praying to God to send you a man. But you've got to pray to all the Gods in every damn religion, to not let you meet one of these assholes! Wait, my bad...I shouldn't call them assholes. The better word: sick f*#ckin assholes!

Seriously, if you live in Atlanta, here are the mugshots of the 21 men arrested. The FBI didn't release their pics. But even if you don't live in the Atlanta area, you may date online, I need you to study carefully as well. Matter of fact, online daters have got to be even more circumspect; there's so much catfishing going on! So take a look and see if you've chatted online, worked, hired, dated and/or been out drinking with one of these pricks.

And Ms. Heel, don't get fooled by this group of collective bad looks. Cuz trust me, he can be


This dude was recently arrested for molesting a 15 year old boy for months.

Do I need to go on?

Well, I can't...these men need Jesus and I need Jesus Juice🍷🍷🍷


p.s. I didn't have the time nor the stomach, to really deep dive and dwell into all the aspects about sex-trafficking of young kids. I encourage you to simply Google this subject and read up on it. To not only protect yourself, but your kid or someone else's.

p.p.s. all these men are presumed innocent until proven gulity.


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