Superbowl Size Ego!

Happy (Superbowl) Soleful Sunday Ms. Heel!

Just a quick blog before you head off to the one toilet having football-themed house parties, before lemon-pepper chicken wings are consumed and beer drinking games begin. Because today, the role of head cheerleader is me. I'm here to pump you up!

That's right, I'm here to remind you of your greatness!

To reiterate to you, that you are capable in doing, having and being anything that you truly desire--Yes, you can have that true passion that haunts your dreams and begs you to take a chance. Now a lot of you get hung up on this; thinking to yourself, "O really, I can have anything?" No. I'm saying that you can have that thing that BURNS your soul...that passion that you daydream about often and can actually see yourself doing/having/being!

That desire that you see so vividly in your imagination. So intensely, that you get goosebumps, you literally see it, feel it and smell it. It may even bring you to tears--THAT'S what you can have!

How am I so sure?

Well as you watch the game today, look into the eyes of all those players and coaches on the field. They've been dreaming and imagining this moment for years. Probably since they were running around in somebody's flag football little league. The intensity of the moment will be hard to miss. That look that they'll all have is one of disbelief yet belief, clarity, heartfelt, achingly beautiful, and poignantly emotional, because they're realizing in real time, live on prime-time TV, that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

And this can be you as well Ms. just have to remind yourself daily of who you are. This isn't about you bragging, show-boating and hiding behind a hyperbolic ego...and yet it is. BUT instead, using your ego in a way to pump yourself up NOT by putting others down! Apply your egotistical demeanor in ways that get you motivated and inspired to take action. As Beyonce says: "I got a big ego..." For you are the greatest, you are the champion, you are a magnificent creature, capable of ANYTHING!

Just do it...just dream!

[watch this powerful video for inspiration]

p.s. go Rams🏈😘



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