Join The Cast of The Walking Dead!

Happy Sunday Ms. Heel,

As you all know, I live in Atlanta and stumbled across an ad calling for extras as Zombies on the set of The Walking Dead (for it's filmed here)...and it stopped me dead!


Because as Oprah says, I had an aha moment. That aha/thought that stopped me dead? The realization--connection, that some of us are literally, sleepwalking and so dead on the inside, completely numb to our heart's desires, and miserable, that we want others to feel just as bad as we do.

Hence the old adage: misery loves company.

Are you that miserable, alive...yet walking around so dead on the inside, that you spend most of your days making others unhappy and trying to snatch their joy and life from them?

If yes, well hello you Zombie you.

Now I know some of you will not cop to being a Zombie.

But, umhmnn, excuse me, you're that postal worker that moves as if concrete is drying in your shoes; even though the line is damn near out the door. Or you're that fast food worker who'd rather be any place, but asking me, if I want fries with that; with so much sass and attitude, that I'm afraid to clap-back for the fear of you adding your own special sauce to my food! Perhaps you're that one boss, who adheres so stringently to the corporate rule book, that you will point out the slightest infraction and make a written record, jeopardizing someone's livelihood. Or the guy in traffic, cursing out and riding bumpers of every driver who's not willing to match your 85 mph in a 45! Even a customer service agent, who has no inclination to help at all. And a personal favorite of mine (cuz I get it all the time), that girl that has to find something negative about a pretty woman, because she makes you feel insecure....wait, NO, you make yourself feel insecure! She's just an example of what you could be/have, if you just worked harder for it!

I could go on for hours with examples of miserable people out there; and I'm sure you have your own examples. But here are more traits of the walking dead:

  • jealousy

  • bullying

  • hopelessness

  • mean-spirited gossiping

  • criminals

  • non supporting of friends & family ventures

  • judging others

  • negative commentator on social media

  • Keepin It Real (in other words, always feel the need to be so real/sharing your opinion with others, even though it hurts their feelings)

  • Biased

  • short-tempered

  • ornery

Without a doubt, the walking dead can be found everywhere; but what I know for sure: if your intention is to bring joy to others, then you're happy. And happiness cannot be denied!

For it's an eager beaver!

It relishes in it's contagiousness! Happiness flows outward! You do not need to convince anyone that you're happy. Wanna know why? Because your happiness will beat you to it! Happy people, speak to strangers. Happy folks, love to celebrate others, even those they don't personally know. Happiness uplifts, encourages, motivates and inspires others. Happiness simply feels good, and wants the same for others.

So if you aren't a zombie, but simply happy, what do we call you?

I looked long and hard for an antonym, and the only word I came across, that I thought suited it best: conscious.'s perfect!

I think the slang for conscious nowadays is: woke! Are you woke Ms. Heel or are you a Zombie--snatching the life from others? I so hope that if you aren't woke, you will wake up and catch the germ of happiness. Go spread it from sea to shining sea. It's the only thing that will heal this planet and rid it of the walking dead. Unlike the TV show, the Zombies you know, can be reversed. The formula for reversal is to love them in spite of themselves. Or if you are a Zombie--get help. It is never too late to be happy. And if that means, making major changes in life, go for it! I promise you, the world will support you.

How do I know?

Cuz I'm happy...clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth! 💃🎶🎵



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