The New Whig Party

Happy Sunday Ms. Heel,

Lately, two black, C/D-list celebrities have voiced their male opinions on women wearing wigs or their choice of hair color. I'm always amazed when men love to publicly share their thoughts on women, especially black women, on our hairstyles, what we wear and how we should behave.

Um, I'm sorry, why do men ALWAYS feel the need to tell women what to do with their bodies?! If I was so bold to write my thoughts on the male anatomy and declare that all men should let women know if they are "packing some serious heat"😉 or not, before we get anywhere near the bedroom, I'd be metaphorically publicly hanged and ostracized!

First, it was Steve Harvey's infamous, Act like a Woman, Think like a Man best-selling book and I cannot even begin to tell you, how many dating books written by men followed. As well as, the slew of male instagram accounts and their unsolicited relationship advice to women.

Who asked you?

No seriously, who asked you? Ya'll have a lot of balls (pun not intended), to think that you are qualified to speak on the subject of beauty enhancements for women.

Let's review their commentary:

1. Rapper Meek Mills: he expressed his disdain for wigs after a sexual encounter in which he was having sex and he was behind his partner and went to grab her hair and as he did, it slid off. For she was wearing a wig. He claims to be traumatized. Really buddy? How do you think she's feeling now that you've shared this horrifyingly embarrassing experience with the world?

I find it hard to believe that this was his first experience with wigs, especially since he used to date Nicki Minaj--the queen of changing her look!

2. Peter Thomas of RHOA fame: he recently ranted about and I quote: " as fuck..." dark skinned women, wearing blonde or honey blonde hair extensions or wigs. Now if I'm being completely honest, I just saw yesterday, a very dark black woman wearing a platinum wig and Mr. Snuffaluffagus eyelashes. Was it too much? OMG yes!!! But before I passed judgement, secretly snapped a pic or commented via a video, I thought, maybe she's headed to a party. Or just got off from work--I do live in Atlanta, the home of strip clubs (she had that look that I witnessed a lot from my shoe store days). My point, I tried not to judge. Unlike Peter, as a dark-skinned woman, we have it hard within the black community. Without going into it too much, it's called: colorism! Which can lead to low self esteem, that will manifest in a plethora of ways.

Just last night, I was watching Oprah's interview with Gabrielle Union and Dewayne Wade on the controversy surrounding their new daughter. What didn't get a lot of attention, was the comment that Gabrielle's father inquired, if the gestational carrier they chose, was light-skinned. WTF??? Even though his beautiful daughter is dark, he didn't want his grand-daughter to be dark...O daddy, what's wrong with you?

And what's wrong with black men in general, that tend to judge their black women very harshly? I'm sorry and please comment below if you all have heard white men bitchin' about fake boobs recently. And look at the Kardashians. They keep black men; these girls rock fake hair, fake boobs, fake lips, fake hips, and fake asses like nobody's business and yet, get credited for being curvy and making asses popular! (insert eye roll here).

Just like I have no opinion on erectile dysfunction medication, penis pumps and enlargement techniques. Since I don't have a penis, nor know what's it like to have a micro or malfunctioning penis, I'm choosing to stay out that debate. It's your body, do as you will). So you can have an opinion, but not on something you will NEVER experience. No need to take your twitter or insta account and share such personal experiences about someone else, until you've walked in their heels or wore their wigs. Wigs have become such a popular way for women to express their creativity, change their looks, grow their hair, hide bald spots or disguise on-going cancer treatments. I look at hair extensions and wigs, the same way I look at makeup--it depends on my mood, my outfit and how I'm feeling that day.

Let me do me...

Don't wig out on me dude!


Sharing Is Caring!💋

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