P-Tapes, a Politician & Pop Star

Happy first Sunday of 2019 Ms. Heel,

I ain't holding nothing back. Let's jump right into some controversy!

What's both black & white, has a "P" tape and a cult-like personality and following? Hint & Answer: Donald Trump and R. Kelly.

Herein, will be referred to as DR. Telly. (I'm giving them the Hollywood name mashup treatment).

That's right, after binge watching Lifetime's, Surviving R. Kelly and literally surviving the last two years of Trump's presidency, It was astounding to me, just how much these two men are so alike.

I debated all night, whether to go here and write my opinion on this subject. I wanted to be very cognizant of the victims and sensitive to all sides. Although I wasn't in the room to declare without a doubt, I have been there in a proverbial room of my own. But this isn't about me. All I will say, as to my own experience: #metoo.

Please follow me, as I lay out my case. Let's examine the sick medicine of DR. Telly.

Starting with:

Papa Don't Preach

Both of them grew up with father issues. R. Kelly's dad abandoned him and wasn't in the home. Donald's father was there and gave him everything, (including earning $200k a year at age 3)--EXCEPT love & guidance. These boys seemingly, didn't inherit an empathy gene. I don't know what's worse: having your daddy just walk out and give you nothing or daddy being in the house, making you a millionaire by 8 and yet not there at all!


My gawd, seriously, fact is stranger than fiction. DR. Telly is a non-reader! R. Kelly can't read and Trump hates to read!

Porn Addiction

DR. Telly is a freak!. Kelly likes his child porn and Trump likes his porn stars.

Protection...what protection?.

DR. Telly doesn't like to use prophylactics. Both have unprotected sex with their sex thangs. And allegedly, Kelly impregnated several of his sexual partners. And can we talk about their police protection? O dem boys in blue...there's allegations of Kelly paying them off and we've seen the Police Unions as a whole, glowing love and affection for Trump.

Personal Assistants

This...this part right here, makes me so damn mad! DR. Telly has payroll puppets all around him; to help implement and facilitate all his sick shit! There's no way he could get away with his crazy, immoral shit, if he didn't have a team of co-conspirators turning the other cheek, pretending not to see and so damn power hungry themselves, that they sold their souls for a paycheck and power trips on private and presidential jets. Also, lying for DR. Telly to family members, juries, congress, and the FBI, about what they had seen. Overlooking the questionable behavior and mental instability. Who was booking the flights? Booking the hotel rooms? Whose credit cards were being used? Picking up and driving their mistresses to the hotel rooms? Organized people are detail oriented and readers--these two are not!

Pied Piper

O the sweet, sick sounds of DR. Telly. Kelly's very popular, super sexual R&B music and Trump's asinine chime of, "build the wall and lock her up!" DR. Telly goes from town to town, making the kids follow him.


Can we talk? No seriously, we need to talk about those that seem to disregard all the bat-shit crazy stuff DR. Telly says and does. DR. Telly's fans are loyal AF! Trump's supporters are notoriously loyal--simply turn on Fox News. He lost the popular vote by over 3 million. And yet, his base seems to be the only ones these days in America, that matters. And black people, O my black people, we (myself excluded and many others), tend to not believe any of the accusations against Mr. Step-In-The-Name-Of-Love. There isn't enough liquor in my house to go into this right now. I think it's the equivalent of the O.J. Simpson syndrome...but I can't, not today.

Pride & Prejudice

Dr. Telly takes pride in his prejudices. Trump's crowds tend to be predominantly white and as I aforementioned, Kelly's black. I seriously think that both men are hyper aware of the race card they're playing. Kelly didn't go after young white girls. In MY OPINION, due to the fact, America would NOT accept him violating young, white womenfolk. And Trump, after degrading and insulting almost everyone--even the Pope, has not publicly called black people, niggers. DR. Telly knows, that would be too much and the tides would change against him.

Pee Tapes

Alright (long sigh), let's go there. The infamous tape that almost put Kelly in jail, involved him peeing on a young underage girl. And Trump's pee tape, involves Russion prostitutes peeing on a bed, that President Obama once slept in, while he watched. I so wish, I was making this piss up!🤢


I don't know what it is about a $100,000, but that seems to be the magic number that DR. Telly likes. Kelly offered numerous people (including his brother, more on this later), a $100k to make it right in some capacity. Either in silence or to simply go away. Same with Trump, two women that we know about, were offered a little more than $100k to go away. Although, Trump threw in a non-disclosure for good measure. In the end, Dr. Telly likes a good, high-priced silent party. It's all the rage, all the kids are doing it you know!


Ok, let's discuss Kelly's brother. Allegedly, Kelly basically offered him $100k to say it was him on the tape and not R. Kelly! Throw your brother under the bus much? And then there's Trump, we hear him on tape discussing paying off Stormy and he stills denies it. And lest not forget, the Access Hollywood tape, where we hear him, brag about grabbing pussies. He had the nerve to say the tape was doctored and it wasn't him...wtf?!!! Dr. Telly either denies being in that place or ordering up a replacement!


Scrabble anyone? How's that for another "P" word (I got a theme going here), for lying yo ass off! DR. Telly is a habitual liar! I honestly think they lie so much, they even believe them! And what's even more astonishing, they actually admit them in public. Topped off with a big: so what! Kelly released a 19 minute (NINETEEN MINUTES YAWL), song titled: I admit. And Trump admitted to firing James Comey and said so what, I have every right to do so; he didn't want to stop the Russian investigation.😮


DR. Telly has no problem keeping children from their parents. Kelly has virtually kidnapped these girls from their families. He refuses to let them talk or see their parents. And Trump implemented a policy that separated immigrant children from their parents at the border and shipped them across the country to secret facilities. Are you tired yet of the sick comparisons? Hell I know I am!

So lastly,


DR. Telly feeds and gets high off his power and fame! Power buys the media, people and silence And fame gets the girls. In conclusion, what I know for sure, weak individuals are lured by money, fame and for women--love. O and here's another "P" word--promises. Albeit false and broken.

Maybe the best word to describe their devoted fans and voters: prey.

Somebody pray for us all🙏,


p.s. Both R. Kelly & Donald Trump have denied all claims of lying, sexual accusations, payoffs and pee tapes.

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