Take This Invite & Shove It!

Happy Sunday Ms. Heel,

Have you been bombarded with party invites this season? And are you thinking to yourself, who you gotta blow (off), to get some rest!😉

Well, I'm here to say, PLEASE think of the host, before you totally disregard, yet another invite.

As a party host myself this season, I sent out invites via text message, in order to make sure that my recipients received it. I got about a 50% response rate.🙄

Am I in my feelings? Probably.

But for good reason. I'm a helluva host. I go all out when throwing a shindig. This party in particular, is a vision board party, scheduled for the 29th of December. And I really need a head count; due to what I plan on giving out to my guests and not to mention, I need to plan on how much to cook.

So don't leave the host hanging.

He/She needs to make a budget, figure out how many bottles of liquor to have stacked against the wall, and let's be honest, it's the courteous thing to do. Like not sitting in the parking lot in that coveted mall parking space for 10 minutes, with your foot on the brakes and your car in reverse, while a line of cars wait on you to pull out...what are you doing?

But I digress.

And before I go, and let you get back to your regularly scheduled programming, when that invite shows up, simply take the time to RSVP with a simple yes or no. The host obviously thinks you'd make a great guest at the party; so the least you could do, is let them know whether or not, you'll be able to attend.

Cuz I know, it's hard out here for a "primp" and all the balls you get invited to.

Go be the life of the party!

I invite your comments below,



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