Yeah, I've Been Naughty...So What?

Happy Sunday, Ms. Heel!

Hope your holiday season is going well. Just a quick question: have you been naughty or too damn nice?

I'm hoping you can honestly say, that this year's role of the naughty girl, is being played by you; cuz "nice" is sooooo last year!

Recently, it's been documented, that Serena Williams advised her friend, Duchess Megan Markle, to stop being so nice, especially while she's pregnant.

Dammit, we all need a friend like Serena.

A friend that encourages us to give zero fucks to what others think, say or care about us!

In addition, why do we as women, always want and NEED for others to think of us as a nice girl. A nice boss or a nice lady in general? Men NEVER worry about being a nice man, nice boss or hell, even a nice president! They plow on in their endeavors, with nary a care of being called an asshole! Matter of fact, being an asshole for our counterparts is revered! Um, hello--Steve Jobs!

Steve was a rotten apple (pun intended). But the moniker that follows him most, even after death? Genius!

I bet, If I was able to ask every powerful, female CEO what name she's been called the most, I'm willing to bet, Bitch would be number one!

Well here's a genius idea: STOP BEING SO NICE!

Get your respect and stop saying, "I'm sorry" every time you need to reach over someone, ask a question, ask an employee of yours to do something, passing someone either in traffic, walking down a hallway or simply asking for assistance. We as womenfolk say, "I'm sorry" excessively!

Seriously, starting tomorrow, keep count of how often you say this phrase. You'll realize that these two words are knee-jerk for us. But not so much for men.

Wanna know what a man's equivalent is to"I'm sorry?" Excuse me.

That's right, men will say excuse me, as a statement (to sincerely apologize), will use it in a sentence as a question, and will use it as a command--think Donald Trump. PLEASE Google this phrase: Donald Trump excuse me and you'll see what I mean.

But please excuse me and my bias, in wanting women to be more confident and not giving a damn, about being on anyone's nice list.

Nope, this year, let's slip on a "nighty." That's a hybrid of nice and naughty.

We can be nice people with big hearts; but ain't afraid to demand respect and have no need for "I'm sorry," unless we truly need to apologize.

So what'll be Ms. Heel: nice, naughty or nighty?

I'm going with nighty for a $1000! T'was the nighty before Christmas...and I feel sexy, confident and womanly in my nighty...what about you?

Nighty nite,



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