How Much For That Cute Pair Of Fear?

Happy Sunday Ms. Heel!

Is your day perfect yet? Guess what? It never will be and that's just perfect!

Before I go any further, I first have to give a shout out to the incomparable Elizabeth Gilbert, of yes that eatin, prayin & lovin book fame, for the quote above. I overheard this on a YouTube video were she was being interviewed --it really struck a nerve.

Why? Because fear comes in all forms: procrastination, depression, melancholy, pissiness, tiredness, sleepiness, over indulging in tv, cell phone usage, video games, internet surfing, social media obsession, eating, sex, drinking, and drugs. In other words, ANYTHING THAT WILL DISTRACT YOU FROM LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!

But perfectionism...O perfectionism, is a tricky lil thang. It tricks you into thinking that you'll be ready for your best life/living your dream when:

  1. When the time is JUST RIGHT.

  2. When you lose 20 pounds.

  3. When you write the perfect sentence from beginning to end of your novel.

  4. When your kids are grown. But for now, you must be that dedicated & devoted perfect mom.

  5. When those gourmet cookies are right every time you make a batch.

  6. When you've saved up enough money.

  7. When you paid off all your credit cards (although you keep using them)

  8. When you get ANOTHER degree.

  9. Staying busy! Always got a million & one things to do EXCEPT that lil dream of yours.

  10. On Monday (Love this one--used a lot for diets & working out).

In other words: FEAR! YOU ARE SCARED TO DEATH--scared to start, scared to stop, scared to jump, scared to step out there in any form!

But you'll say to yourself and others, that you're just a perfectionist. No baby, you've just dressed up your fear in high heel shoes (cuz you fancy like that), and called it perfectionism.

And what makes me so sure?

I've lived with this perfectionist disease for years.

I thought that everything had to be lined up on the outside for it to be right. But it wasn't until I got right on the inside, that things really came together. I was a victim to #9.

NOTHING IS PERFECT and never will be!

Let it all go...stop wanting to be perfect and want to be persistent!

Be persistent in honoring yourself and your word. Persist daily to writing, persist on that new exercise routine, and persist on an automatic withdrawal to save money.

Furthermore, get in flow with nature....more importantly, your nature. Learn to go with the flow. That's the beauty of nature-imperfections. It doesn't want to be perfect, but persists in just it no wonder, that you're a human being?

So embrace those imperfections. And guess what? Shit will happen! Sorry but it will. Nature doesn't stop blooming beautiful flowers in Florida, just because a hurricane could and does occur. Nope, it just recovers and gets back to blooming even bigger and better beautiful blooms.

Keep blooming.

Keep persisting in your dream, until it becomes a reality.

Now is the "perfect" time 😘

Imperfectly me,


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