Are You A Ho?

Seriously, Ms. Heel...are you a ho? Giving it up to any and ery'body!

No dates, no courting, no romantic just give all of you to anybody that wants a piece. And you're nasty with it. You've betrayed your girlfriends, compromised familial relationships and ruined your health, just for an hour or two of satisfaction.

My gawd, have you no shame?

But before you go gettin all in your feelings, let me be very clear about my definition of a ho for this blog:

Ho (noun): having relations with any merchant anytime of the day or night, just to save a buck or two. No loyalty to your favorite store, boutique or sales clerk. Tends to magnify in intensity during the holidays.

Ok, so after reading the definition above, are you a holiday ho?

Are you loyal to that small retailer or to your favorite salesman? Or do you decide that it's about saving that dollar that's more important?

I know it's tempting and can get tough and rough. But you actually like it rough.

Getting up at 6am, braving the actual cold and possible cold/flu virus, just to get your hands on a $99 40 inch flat screen. Um, what happened to the 50 inch from last year...did it fall off the wall? And/or traipsing through the Amazon Jungle (aka,, to get your fix: cheap and in 2 hours or 2 days depending on your exact locale in that vast Amazonian shopping wilderness!

O, the things you'll do for that "D."😉

Your insatiable craving for that "D" also known as dollar, has virtually ruined an entire industry.

Oh yes, retail and malls as we once knew them, is literally becoming an industry of the past. Independent stores/boutiques and some major retailers, have become showrooms for shoppers. This practice is where shoppers will go into an actual store, try on the product they're looking to buy, figure out their exact size, BUT, will leave it there (in the showroom) and actually purchase online. Usually for a cheaper price. It now has a name for this action: showrooming.

Is this you? Do you showroom?

This common lil practice has closed many of doors. Including the Ms. Heel Boutique that I once had. Now I'm not saying that's the only reason my baby closed, but it did contribute.

As painful as that experience was, I'm saddened everyday when I hear of another retailer biting the dust. I ❤ retail. Brick & Mortar stores make my heart skip a beat. I cherish, fashionably bundling up and walking NYC streets at Christmas time, admiring the decorations and window displays (side note: speaking of closing, after 123 years in business, PLEASE let that sink in--ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THREE YEARS, Henri Bendel's is closing! Showroom much?)


Furthermore, for me, there's nothing better than going into an actual store and vibing with the merchandise, atmosphere and wonderful, creative salespeople. Independent retailers usually take life savings or a stiff loan, to live the dream of having a boutique. They pay bills with not only money, but also with blood, sweat and tears. Promoting their businesses anyway possible without the big marketing budgets of say a McDonald's, Amazon or Walmart. That's why I'm a proud Amex card holder; they started Small Business Saturdays to support small retailers. Which by the way, did you shop small yesterday? Did you support someone's dream? Did you help payback a loan? Did you help a small business owner sleep better this holiday weekend? Trust me, every penny counts for them.

So, how can you help?

1. If you have a friend, a relative or a friend of a friend, that has a small business, do your damnedest to patronize that business this year in some capacity. This may include buying something, even a gift card or volunteering to work for free on a busy Saturday.

2. Seek out your favorite sales clerk and make sure he/she rings you up in order to receive the credit/commission for the sale. Retail is hard work, long hours and low pay. Help them make Christmas better for their families.

3. No renting! Unless it's from Rent The Runway. And don't pretend this is foreign. If you purchase furniture, clothing, accessories, shoes, makeup from any retailer, with the full intention of returning it after the party is over, please don't...stop it. These stores, will take a hit and have to mark those items down or damage them out. Causing them to take a financial loss.

4. I repeat: NO SHOWROOMING.

5. Spread your holiday lovin around! Have one night stands and hook-ups with random small cute cafes, dark & moody coffee shoppes, big booty boutiques, interesting mall kiosks and opulent online stores.

6. Shop at Amazon! Shop at Walmart! Eat at McDonald's! Amazon is filled with small business owners who added their goods to the site. Walmart needs to pay its employees as well. And that local McDonalds, well, that's owned by someone who saved up to buy a franchise. BUT, make these your second choice only after you've tried to purchase small. C'mon, you and I both know, you'll give these big boys plenty of money the rest of the year.

So, see, I'm not a big biz scrooge. I Just want you to remember that our local economies depend on these small retailers. They don't have the power to lobby mayors and city councilmen or ask the county for a tax break. And the people who own the buildings of these small retailers will be grateful as well...have you seen all the space out there for lease? Your frequenting of these stores, will help to open more locations or inspire others to follow their retail dreams. Your patronage will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Ho, Ho Ho,


Sharing Is Caring!💋

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