It's 11 : 11... do you know where your Guardian Angel is?

Hello Ms. Heel,

Did you realize that today is 11/11--November the 11th?

And if you did, do you recognize the significance of this sequence of numbers?

Well to keep this short and not get to esoterical and "out there," to me and I stress to me, the 11:11 (which can appear on clocks, license plates, suite numbers, number of likes or emails, etc.,) is a silent reminder, that whatever I was thinking, feeling or even contemplating, and yes, wishing for, just before I saw the numbers, could come true. I take it as a sign from deceased loved ones, who I now call Angels; protecting and guiding me spiritually, while I'm having this physical moment in time.

We live in a world where there is so much more than only those things we can see, touch, feel, hear and smell. There are things that cannot be explained, aka--coincidences, dreams, premonitions, seeing actual spirits and messages from the random appearances of animals crossing our paths (animal totems), that help to navigate our lives here on earth.

Or as the Frankie Beverly & Maze song says (that I coincidentally heard just this morning on the radio in my car, on a coffee run): "We are one..."

Hence, 11:11.

We're connected with life and its many forms both physically and spiritually.

I myself have had some mind-blowing experiences that are so mysterious, that there isn't one drop of hard evidence to the contrary, to explain them away!

One in fact, is so extraordinary, involves a People Mag's Sexiest Man Alive. I'm willing to bet good money, that this story, would single-handedly, have you believing in guardian angels, reincarnation and soul mates!

But that's a whole other blog and several bottles of wine!

Still not convinced? Ask a child...children ALWAYS KNOW!

As Oprah once said and I'm paraphrasing, "...children come to this planet on the breath of angels..."

My son could literally read my mind and gave me such profound advice when he was young! Or maybe your child has imaginary friends or just randomly tells you or knows something that's way beyond their years or knowledge. And if you really wanna know someone's true colors, try to have them hold your child. If a baby turns away and cries when a stranger approaches--that's a sign. Animals do this as well; bark/growl at things you can't see in certain corners of your house. I believe children are very connected to their spiritual side when first born. And usually so up to age 5-6, before the world starts telling them that only the five senses are real.

So just for today, start to pay attention to not only 11:11 signs, but to prophetic dreams or lyrics in a song, that coincidentally helps you with a situation in your life. And why not Google the meaning of lady bugs that outta nowhere, invaded your bedroom. Or maybe stumbling onto a website or blog, that gave you the answer or the sign you've been looking for.😉

Angels and guides are everywhere. We all have them.

And let's not forget the 16 million vets who lost their lives in one of the deadliest conflicts on earth--WW1. For today is Veterans Day. Those souls are now angels.

And to all those that have fought in other wars, that gave me the freedom to write about their sacrifice today. I honor you. I revere you. I thank you and I love you in peace.

I know that you are there looking down on me and helping your little girl to this day. 11:11 has always been your sign to me. Thanks for being my guardian angel.

Do you know who your guardian angel is?


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