Are You A Trick or A Treat?

Ok Ms. Heel, time for a gut check…are you a trick or a treat to be around?

Better yet, are you a "witch" most of the year and not just at Halloween?

And which witch are you? Glinda the Good Witch or the Wicked Witch of the West?

I will not judge you (because when you know better, you do better), but you can judge you; so let’s take a look at the qualities of those that are tricks or treats:

There’s a very famous slogan for a major cereal company that says: “silly rabbit, trix are for kids!”

I couldn’t agree more.

I'll explain.

If your behavior is always about you, if you’ve been labeled selfish, if you don’t like to share or think of the planet as a community, and feel as if the world owes you everything, then you’re still a kid.

Not by age, but by your immature actions and emotions or lack thereof.

I'm willing to bet, your outlook on life is very myopic. And it doesn’t just reveal itself in how you deal with others, it also manifests itself in how you treat the planet and your environment. For instance--do you liter? I know sounds silly (silly rabbit), but why should someone else clean up behind you? Why must county officials hire people, pay good tax payer dollars to clean up that McDonald’s bag, candy wrapper, baby diaper, cigarettes, beer bottle, etc., that you threw out your car window? Clearly, you could have disposed of your trash when you got home!

That, ladies & gentlemen, is selfish.

And speaking of trash, do you and/or your business recycle? Or have implemented steps to not use plastic? We only have one planet—were else can we go? I don’t know about you, but Mars doesn’t look that hospitable to me.

But my favorite of being a trick, is what you do when no one's really paying attention? Are you still nice when your crew isn't there to 'atta boy' you or give you props? For instance, are you rude to certain workers, i.e., fast-food employees, maids, trash collectors, valets, or landscapers? Perhaps you're an economic or an education snob? Looking down on those who are poor or without a college degree. Even groups of people as well: Blacks, Mexicans, the disabled, even the low-wage employees you actually employ and sadly, the slow and elderly?

I'll wait, while the truth (or not), slowly reveals itself...

Or are you a treat?

People actually say, “You’re such a treat to be around!’

Is that you Glinda?

Are you constantly being invited to parties, dinner or retreats (notice it’s not called retricks) with friends and family? If so, I believe the reason why, is because you give off great energy! People don’t know what exactly they enjoy about you, and of course they’ll say, you're nice or sweet, but what’s really motivating them to be around you, is the energy you emit!

You give of yourself. You don’t make everything about you. You delight in uplifting others and you don't trash some random highway, because you don't want your life metaphorically "trashed." You compliment easily. You forgive quicker. You love deeper. You live and let live. You live each day to the fullest. Knowing that we’re all connected. And that how you treat yourself, always reflects back in how others treat you.

By having a reverence for life, life will give you reverie!

And for one to be at peace, you MUST bring peace to others. Cuz that trick candy or treat candy you give to others, will WITHOUT EXCEPTION come back to you, two-fold.

Happy Halloween, trick....treat?😘

As always, with love,



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