Foot Notes...#1

Happy Sunday Ms. Heel,

I hope this lil foot note finds you well.

And for the record, this is my 1st foot note of what I hope, will be an endless supply of wisdom, I am so lucky to share with you.

My journey, has proven this quote of mine to be so true. I've been around the world, but only until I consciously (and recently), took a long overdue trek within, that I truly discovered who I was. And when I did, my soul welcomed me with open arms. It was then, that I was finally at peace with myself.

I stopped being a nervous wreck--fretting over every decision, scared of saying "no," trying to please others (even when they hurt me), always feeling alone even in crowded places, and that nagging insecurity that was always whispering to me, that I wasn't quite good, pretty or smart enough.

THIS, is what the pilgrimage to my soul, allowed me to let go of.

So whatcha waiting on?

Go ahead, slip on a favorite pair of shoes and pack some extra oxygen. For you'll need it--trust me!


Because there will be plenty of moments that will take your breath away.

But I promise, you will walk away a better person, mom, friend, lover, wife, daughter and/or employee. Insomuch, change always starts with you.

Be well,


Sharing Is Caring!💋

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